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Gordon Rouston

Gordon RoustonHello and welcome to my website. Click on any title below for more information about my life of addiction and recovery. I am available for bookings at numerous venues around the world, appear as an expert on alcoholism/addiction and recovery;radio and television, colleges, universities, corporations, prisons,etc. Churches and treatment centers have shown great interest in my lectures and books.



Greatest Gift of All

"My Mind Has A Mind Of Its Own"

by Gordon Rouston
This is definitely the book for you; if you are suffering from any addiction especially drugs and alcohol. IF YOU HAVE BEEN TRYING TO CONTROL IT, IT IS OUT OF CONTROL You know who you are, you have tried everything you can; feel like a complete failure, your ready to throw in the towel, you may have either contemplated suicide or given it a try, possibly more than once. Lost, alone, full of fear, frustrated and just want the pain to end. Don’t give up just yet, there is HOPE, there is another way, you can do it because YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You must be ready to go to any lengths, because this is definitely a matter of LIFE and DEATH. You are suffering from a deep soul sickness that is curable as I attest in my book, my life story. I have been there, done that and recovered, yes recovered as alcohol and drugs were just the symptom of my underlying problem. I addressed the causes after I put down the bottle and the pills, found out I was not alone, others suffered just like me and survived.

You know deep in your soul there is still a glimmer of hope or you would not be looking at my web site, searching for answers. I cannot guarantee you will get sober or straight reading my book, but I do know that I am sober today, my life has completely turned around, I have a peace that passes all understanding and finally experienced LOVE. I was told in the beginning that if I gave sobriety half a chance, put 10% of the effort toward getting sober that I put into getting drunk I would make it. Remember the misery and pain are still out there, you can always go back if this does not work, it is waiting patiently for your return. Gordon Rouston

My Mind Has a Mind of its Own - 197 pages - $10.95
Available on Kindle